Remmert automated storage installation

New installation at Tubos París

Tubos París Steel warehouse since 1970. Storage and distribution of tubes and plates, among all kinds of iron and steel products. National reference with extensive experience. The project starts from the need to store a great variety and quantity of plates of different thicknesses and qualities, in the smallest possible space. Evaluating the large sum of daily orders, the solution of automating the entire process arises: input, storage, preparation of packages and output. In the part of preparation for output, it is possible to combine in the same pallet different qualities, thicknesses and formats, to offer in a single package all the materials of the same order. 

Josep Muntal S.L. with its supplier REMMERT has provided this solution for the material to flow in a fully automated way: storage of 471 positions in 1500x3000mm format up to 3tn per position. This represents 1.415Tn in only 260 m2 and also the flexibility of a customized picking system. Here you can see the complete video of the automated storage installation: