Delta grinders cups are available in 5 different models, according to work needs: two models with fixed type table, two with rotary type and one with oscillating table, in addition to the most modern versions with automated systems (L11E).


  • Maximum structural rigidity
  • Rod head with special electrical spindle dynamically balanced (2.2-3.0 kW)
  • Fast vertical pulley feed
  • Micrometric feedthrough coupled ratchet
  • Electric system with low voltage controls (24 V PELV)
  • Cooling system with sedimentation tank and electric tank
  • Easy to use
  • Maximum reliability

Rotating table models:

  • Drive by a toothed belt and the planetary gear unit
  • Magnetic electro-permanent plate with a standard electronic control unit

Oscillation table models:

  • Drive by the toothed belt
  • Magnetic electro-permanent plate with the standard electronic control unit


  • Precision mechanics
  • Aeronautics, shipbuilding, motor and automotive industries, wood processing, machine tools, household appliances, food industry
  • Processing of metal sheet for sharpening punches and dies
  • Material testing laboratories
  • Tool workshops
  • Technical and professional schools

Grinding Cup machine


Technical data LB 300 LF 350 LC 400 LC 500 LP 500/200
Distance between the column axis and the wheel (mm) 300 315 315 315 315
Maximum distance between the table (mm) 280 280
Max distance, between magnetic plate (standard) and wheel (mm) 205 205 200
Max. Rectifiable surface (mm) 140×330 155×360 Ø400 Ø500 500×200
Fast forward for each wheel revolution (mm) 2 2 2 2 2
Advance micrometric medal ratchet (mm) 0,01 0,01 0,01 0,01 0,01
Dimensions of the wheel to the cup (mm) 178x78x78 200x80x78 200x80x78 200x80x78 200x80x78
Dimensions of abrasives (mm) 50x16x90 50x20x90 50x20x90 50x20x90 50x20x90
Turn the wheel at 1 ‘(rpm) 2840 2840 2840 2840 2840
Swing of the table 90°
Rotating the rotary table at 1 ‘(with L 13) (rpm) 20-40




Motor power of the wheel (kW-HP) 2,2 (3) 3 (4) 3 (4) 3 (4) 3 (4)
Rotary table motor power (kW-HP) 0,33-0,48




Power electro-pump (kW-HP) 0,06 (0,08) 0,06 (0,08) 0,06 (0,08) 0,06 (0,08) 0,06 (0,08)
Machine weight (mm) 400 550 680 740 650
Dimensions (mm) 850x850x1650 1050x950x1750 1050x950x1750 1200x950x1750 1050x950x1750


A new electronic millesimal feeding device applied to the vertical grinding machines of the LC range.

A display shows the millesimal height of the vertical axle, which can be moved using the jog button or the micrometric electronic handwheel.

The cycle is fully automated.

display L11E 

display L11E

Settable data include material to removed, increment (min. 0.001 mm), number of spark arrestors, number of table revs per increment.

At the end of the automatic cycle, the wheel head is raised and the wheel and coolant are stopped.