Quick and easy.

The first automated folding cell ready to use.

With parameterized programs already operative.
The FX bend cell offers different production programs already established for the most common work. The parameterized programs avoid the teaching stage of the robot, using only the control panel of the machine which allows a significant time-saving.

Integrated structure between the machine and the robot.
The system originates as a unique element, with the robot integrated into the structure of the FX Bend. Thus offering a robotized production cell already operative in only 15 m2 of space.

System completely made by Euromac.
Euromac provides a complete solution, designing and developing each element of the structure, from the machine to the robot integration, including the software that executes the production. A complete, reliable and user-friendly system. Impact force corresponding to a fall from 90 cm, tested at the Panasonic factory.



Wila (Neu standard)


Promecam (European)

Control unit


Monoblock structure

FX Bend Cell
Bending force (tons) 23 23
Bending length (mm) 840 840
Mooring Wila (matrix – punches holder) (mm) 320 320
Europe Style (Promecam) (matrix-ram) (mm) 400 400
Race (mm) 200 200
Approach speed (mm / sec) 200 200
Max. Folding speed in automatic mode (mm / sec) 36 36
Max. folding speed in manual mode (mm / sec) 10 10
Max. Scope (mm) 1100 1100
Max. Payload (kg) 10 10
Number of axes 6 6
Repeatability (mm) +- 0.03 +- 0.03
Maximum dimension of pieces in 1 pile (mm) 600 x 450 600 x 450
Maximum dimension of pieces in 2 piles (mm) 450 x 295 450 x 295
Minimum dimension of pieces (mm) 50 x 100 50 x 100
Maximum height of the pile (mm) 300 300
Maximum thickness (mm) 5 5
Minimum thickness (mm) 0.7 0.7
Maximum weight of the piece (kg) 5 5
Discharge tape Max dimension of the pieces (mm) 600 x 450 x h120 600 x 450 x h120
Discharge tape, buffer length (mm) 600 descarga + 600 600 descarga + 600
Area of discharge by gravity 800 x 800 800 x 800
Fx bend

– Fx bend with 6-axis automatic stop.

– Robot Kuka KR10 sixx agilus.

Robot base

-Robot base

Centering table

Centering table.

Support for flipping support

for turning.

Cargo tables

Loading tables (2 units).

Measurement of thickness control

Measurement of thickness control (second optional unit).
Discharge position for the boxes area

Discharge position for the box area.
Discharge position on the tape

Discharge position on the tape


All the elements that make up the cell are connected to each other in the same structure, thus ensuring a long duration of all the components.