Salvagnini S1

Salvagnini S1 was designed by Salvagnini to satisfy the growing requirements for punching flexibility and productivity while maintaining its distinctive features such as the multi-press head, flexible automation and integrability. S1 implements innovative and original elements, that make it a solution with a wider range of applications, that goes beyond common similar technology and is unique in the market.


  • Evoluted hybrid technology: optimizes cycle times and drastically reduces consumption.
  • Thick turret tools: with controlled descent mounted on a multi-press head and managed simultaneously
  • Fiber laser: which it can be equipped with
  • Twin manipulator: with variable set-up, for 100% sheet utilization

Combined flexibility and modularity

In the combined punching-laser head configuration, S1 becomes the ultimate flexible solution.

  • It makes it possible to cut materials that are less suited to laser technology, such as delicate, filmed or pre-painted materials.
  • It offers different possibilities for unloading, depending on the production strategy.
  • It basically eliminates any constraint related to the geometry of the machine part, thanks to laser cutting.
  • It is very competitive in terms of cost per part, guaranteeing high productivity and low consumption, thanks to the multi-press and advanced hybrid technology.
Machine S1.30 S1.40
Technical features
Maximum lenght of incoming sheet (mm) 3048 4064
Maximum width of incoming sheet (mm) 1524
Minimum lenght of incoming sheet (mm) 370
Minimum width of incoming sheet (mm) 300
Minimum thickness of metal sheet (mm) 0.5
Maximum material thickness: 
     Mild Steel (410 N/mm2)(mm) 5.0
     Stainless Steel (610 N/mm2)(mm) 5.0
     Aluminum (265 N/mm2)(mm) 5.0
Technology fiber
Source fiber
Maximum power (W) 2000 - 3000
Maximum thickness of sheet (mm) 5.0
Assist gas  Nitrogen, compressed air


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