Modelo HF-PRO

The HF-PRO model is specifically designed for ultra high power laser operation between 10 and 20kW. Its innovative structure reduces the risk of thermal deformation and damage during processing.

This is the new top model in the HF range

Its main differentiating aspects:

  • Increased operating speed
  • Even more compact design: Integration of the electric cab in the back of the machine
  • Structure with a new, smaller dimension
  • New hydraulic exchange workbench. 40% higher load capacity

Main features:

  • Gantry-gantry structure with closed design
  • IPG fiber laser
  • Automatic table changing
  • Han’s control system with ergonomic control panel and touch screen
  • Han’s cutting head with capacitive function
  • Return function and return to the point of incidence
  • Sheet position automatic search function
  • Corner cutting control

Equipment included

  • Camera live show
  • Fully automatic table changing
  • Donaldson dust collection system
  • Lightning cut
  • Drop & Cut
  • Jet Piercing
  • ANC nozzle cleaning and automatic calibration
  • MES: Production management system





Processing area

3000×1500 mm

4000x2000 mm

6000x2000 mm

X axis track

3100 mm

4100 mm

6100 mm

Y axis track

1570 mm

2070 mm

2580 mm

Z axis track

120 mm

120 mm

120 mm

X, Y axis positioning accuracy

           +/- 0.03 mm

+/- 0.03 mm

+/- 0.03 mm

X, Y, axis repeat positioning accuracy

           +/- 0.02 mm

 +/- 0.02 mm

 +/- 0.02 mm

X/Y axis max. positioning speed

    200 m/min

200 m/min

200 m/min

X,Y axis max. acceleration

               4 G

4 G

4 G

CNC system

1400 kg

2500 kg

4700 kg

Max. load of worktable

        11.000 kg

15.000 kg

21.000 kg

Machine tool weight

10100x3400x2150 mm

12160x3860x2150 mm

16620x4510x2150 mm