For finishing sheet metal parts up to 1500 mm wide. Allows you to determine the finish and produce at high speed. Q-Fin's machine program is getting wider. Literally. Finishing large sheet metal cut parts at high speed is now achievable with the F1500. This wide deburring machine has been developed by Q-Fin to finish flat sheet metal parts up to 1500 mm wide. The F1500 comes with vacuum or magnetic support and can be used for the following operations on non-ferrous or ferrous metals: deburring, grinding, edge breaking, edge rounding, slag removal, oxide layer removal, line finish. A combination of these operations is also possible. 

• The fastest wide belt machine 

• Suitable for a range of operations 

• Lowest price per product warranty 

• Despite its width compact machine 

• Outstanding in finish and design 


• Stainless steel 

• Aluminium

With the F1500 made by Q-Fin you can easily and quickly deburr, round and/or finish sheet metal parts. Depending on the materials to be processed choose the vacuum or magnetic support system (resp. for non-ferrous and ferrous materials). The conveyor belt is adjusted accordingly. The machine is easy to operate by means of a touchscreen at the front. The first station of the F1500 consists of the grinding unit. The grinding belt takes away the burrs and/or burn-in points of the product surface. If you do not have any burrs, you can switch the grinding belt off or remove it. It is also possible to use a fine sanding belt (e.g. grain K320) to give you product a nice line finish. The second and third station of the F1500 consists of the brush unit, equipped with 4 crosswise rotating, oscillating disc brushes. These allow you to remove the sharp edges of the product by breaking the edges or provide them with a (large) radius. Installing special brushes makes the F1500 with magnetic system also suitable for removing oxide layer on steel products or deslagging plasma cut parts.

Conveyor belt speed 0.3 - 5 m1 /min
Vacuum or magnet support Yes
2,2 kW brush engines frequency controlled 4
Minimum workpiece size 50 x 50 mm (MAG) / 80 x 80 mm (VAC)
Maximum workpiece width 1500 mm
Maximum workpiece height 170 mm
Connection value machine 400 V, 50 Hz, 32 A, 16 kW
Dimensions (L x W x H) 2037 x 2180 x 2090 mm
Weight 2850 kg