BASIC Tower long-bars

Remmert BASIC Tower long-bars

Perfect for anyone looking for a compact storage system for small quantities of long and flat goods.

Efficient, quick, flexible.

All system advantages at a glance

  • Ideal for efficient storage of small quantities of long and flat goods
  • Compact construction for efficient storage density
  • Quick and secure preparation of long and flat goods
  • Connects with all common processing machines
  • Intuitive operation
  • Layout freely configurable: as a 1 tower or 2 tower storage system
  • Single-sided tower: 9-21 storage levels

Convincing efficiency

  • Two-sided tower 17-41 storage levels
  • 3,000kg loading capacity per long goods cartridge
  • 2,000kg loading capacity per tray cartridge for flat goods
  • Storage of materials with a length of up to 6.50 m
  • Optional semi- or fully automated material preparation
  • Quick assembly and set up using plug and run concept
  • Short delivery times

  • Convincing results
  • 70 % reduction of storage surface space
  • 80 % reduction of handling time
  • 80 % increase in productivity for connected machines
  • 100 % improvement of material handling for the manufacture process
  • 100 % material-protecting storage
  • 100 % Remmert quality

Efficient warehouse management

Optimise your storage system with our intelligent logistics software for efficient warehouse management!

Single-sided tower Double-sided tower
Number of storage levels mm min. 9 (H=4,050) max. 21 (H=8,130) min. 17 (H=4,050) max. 41 (H=8,130)
Long goods cartridge: max. cartridge load capacity kg 3,000 3,000
Long goods cartridge: Inner cartridge measurements (LxWxH) mm 6,800 x 850 x 265 6,800 x 850 x 265
Tray cartidges: Max. Load capacity kg 2,000 2,000
Tray cartidges: Supporting surface (LxWxH) mm 6,700 x 950 x 480 6,700 x 950 x 480
Lifting speed m/min 16 16
Pulling speed m/min 16 16
Warehouse management system PRO WMS BASIC
Option Option
HOST connection
Option Option

Hecho a medida para sus necesidades

Para asegurarnos de que sus barras largas Remmert BASIC Tower sean realmente adecuadas para usted, nos complace construirlas individualmente de acuerdo con sus requisitos.

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