A perfect finish for ULMA PACKAGING

ULMA PACKAGING, company with a recognized trajectory in the design and manufacture of packaging machines for the food sector has recently acquired the WEBER NCL1350 wet deburring machine. With an updated machine park ULMA PACKAGING manufactures and designs solutions for its customers that incorporate advanced technologies and a high quality and reliable finish. In their machinery manufacturing process they need to offer a perfect finish and with a specific roughness of the different parts they produce for food packaging.

JOSEP MUNTAL has accompanied ULMA PACKAGING in the process of renovating its deburring machinery at its Gipuzkoa facilities. With this deburring machine, it is possible to solve very specific requirements in obtaining a great finish in the minimum time. Its objective was to achieve a superficial finish with a constant roughness in a single pass of only 0.4, with this machine even values below this requirement are achieved. The WEBER NLC1350 machine is the best in its range, it is made up of 4 stations, which with its NLC wet deburring technology makes deburring, rounding and surface glazing easy and constant, in addition to eliminating material residues after polished without damaging the surface. Thanks to the technology of each of the stations and its exclusive planetary system of brushes, a perfect and regular rounding is achieved throughout the piece.

The machine is intuitive, easy to use and programming. Its configuration allows to work with the different stations depending on the desired finish in each piece and thanks to this the preparation and production times are reduced.

The German company HANS WEBER MASCHINENBAU has been building sanding machines for deburring, rounding and polishing metal surfaces for more than 100 years. Consult the different available models of deburring machines.

For more information: jmuntal@jmuntal.com