Open Days | Josep Muntal

Open doors day and presentation of the Kohler Maschinenbau

On 9th and 10th of March this year, JOSEP MUNTAL organised an Open Day to bring together customers, suppliers and the media, taking advantage of the presentation of our new partner, KOHLER Maschinenbau, and its Peak Performer levelling machine by Stefan Ruoff, Kohler's sales director.

During these days we were been able to show our headoffice, work methodologies and equipment, following our philosophy of close and personalised treatment.

Visitors were able to visit the showroom, see demonstrations of our machines and learn about the processes of each of them. They were also able to exchange experiences and questions individually with our sales team in an informal atmosphere. At the same time, we enjoyed a fabulous catering that contributed to make the atmosphere closer.

At Josep Muntal we pursue excellence in our relationship with our customers, and for this reason, we place great value on direct contact with our customers, so that we can listen to their needs and continue to improve.

Thank you very much to all of you for your attendance! 💙