Installation of a laser machine at DISME GROUP

On this occasion we went to Sabadell, the city where our client's 20,000m2 industrial plant is located, which dates back to 1962.

Disme Group, leader and reference in its sector, provides the best solutions in design and implementation of materials at the point of sale and, after 50 years, continues to create solutions for global concepts, providing effective and tailor-made solutions for each company with maximum technology and efficiency.

There was a time when the company was faced with this choice: repair its old, broken CO2 laser machine or replace it with a new fiber laser machine.

The high cost of repairing its CO2, on the one hand, and constant innovation and high-quality standards, on the other, finally decided to include a new fiber laser in its production process to meet the expectations of its most demanding customers.

Before showing all the fiber laser machine options that Josep Muntal could offer, our sales team listened and analysed the needs of the company and the objectives it wanted to achieve with the acquisition of the new fiber laser machine. All this information, plus a thorough study of the situation, resulted in the perfect fiber laser machine for Disme Group: G3015PRO 3 kW from Han's Laser.

Han's Laser's 3 kW model G3015PRO is a high-tech fiber laser machine designed for working on medium and thin sheet metal -up to 15 mm thick- and with a great quality-price ratio.

It must be said that there were two reasons that, due to Disme's heavy workload, culminated in the purchase decision:

  • The short delivery time of the fiber laser machine.
  • The fast installation of the machine by Josep Muntal's technical team.
  • Compromise between quality-price and after-sales service.

Disme's Han's Laser fiber laser machine is mainly dedicated to cutting steel between 1.2 mm and 1.5 mm for metal displays. Currently, the customer has been able to reduce the production time for cutting metal parts by 2 to 3 times faster than with the old CO2 laser machine. In addition, thanks to this, a reduction in the consumption of nitrogen gas (N2) is also achieved, thanks to being able to cut faster.

Other benefits of replacing a CO2 laser machine with a Han's Laser fiber laser:

  • 50% reduction in electricity consumption
  • No generation gases are required.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Ease of operation

Thank you very much for trusting Josep Muntal's team and Han's Laser products 😊 The satisfaction of our customers is our reason for being.