New robotic solution for the BIEMH fair 2022

New robotic solution for the BIEMH fair 2022 

The wide range of solutions that we offer at Josep Muntal for the automation of production and improvement processes continues to grow, one more year, with the introduction of new machine models and presented at the  BIEMH 2022.

Beyond technology for deburring process, additive manufacturing systems and extrusion technology; Weber offers fully automated and forward-looking robotic solutions for every need. In Josep Muntal we have decided to include them in our product portfolio and present, during the five days of the fair in Bilbao, the robotic handling system for unloading and sorting Weber Robotic & Automation HS-4-1000.

The modular palletizing and sorting system HS-4-1000 enables fully automatic sorting, stacking and handling of metal parts. This system complements the downstream process of WEBER deburring machines and therefore offers perfect integration for the following processes. The handling system, consisting of the main components such as the industrial robot, the Machine Vision System and the conveyor belt, locates and identifies the parts entering the cell. They are recognized in a fully automated way, sorted and palletized intelligently.

Human-machine interface

Through the touch panel of the Rob Simple Control user interface, the operator can easily activate the recognition mode as well as monitor the current process. The pieces are gripped intelligently according to the center of gravity and their geometry. The gripping point of the parts is automatically recognized by the system, so the operator does not need any programming or robotics knowledge.

Automatic tool change

The system can be equipped with various tools or suction cups that ensure the handling of a wide variety of workpieces. The determination of the gripping point is carried out autonomously with the full availability of tools, without the machine operator having to perform a single work action.