The desire to renovate an old Euromac punching machine led our loyal customer from Tarragona, dedicated to the manufacture of products for the poultry industry, to contact us again in search of advice on how to optimise the punching process.

Throughout the twenty years that Josep Muntal has been a customer of the company, the company has relied on Euromac machines on seven different occasions thanks to their reliability, so the choice of the optimum punching machine was very simple: a new, faster, higher capacity Euromac punching machine with more tooling.

Specifically, Josep Muntal's sales team recommended the Euromac MBX 6 1250/30-2500 punching machine model. A perfect machine for punching galvanised sheet metal from 0.8 mm to 3 mm and stainless steel from 0.8 to 2mm.

The Euromac punching machine - installed and working at full capacity in three days - offers a higher productivity than the previous punching machine. In addition, the improvements in the programming with the Top Punch program with new functions and touch screen make it very intuitive and more sophisticated.

L'empresa està molt contenta amb la compra de la nova punxonadora vist que:

  • They have increased the punching format capacity.
  • They have reduced the time needed to change dies and prepare the machine.
  • They have reduced production stoppages due to maintenance and machine downtime.

Thank you very much for trusting in Josep Muntal's team and in the products of Euromac 😊 The satisfaction of our customers is our raison to be.