Recam Làser acquires a manual deburring machine from Josep Muntal, S.A.

Interempresas: Esther Güell

Josep Muntal, the company that sells industrial machinery for metal deformation, has supplied Recam Làser with a Q-Fin TopGrinder manual deburring machine to carry out a very specific job for a company in the railway sector. Specifically, it was required to deburr the edges of some metal parts in order to kill the sharp edge left by the laser cutting process, which must be eliminated for the safety of the operators in the subsequent assembly tasks.

After analysing different options, the model proposed by Josep Muntal was the most convincing due to the quality-price ratio and the working capacity of the equipment, the diameter of the planer and the versatility of the machine, as Francisco Linares, head of Operations at Recam Laser, explains. "And the decision to carry out this very specific work internally was to reduce time and cost: subcontracting was not cost-effective, the price of transport alone increased the final price of the parts too much". In addition, they do not rule out using the machine for other jobs such as removing burrs for other customers, for example.

Linares explains that a manual model was chosen for this specific job in order to avoid very high investments, "but we do not rule out opting for an automatic model if the job justifies it. Besides, with this one we will be able to learn and gain more experience". They are currently deburring a small number of parts and with different geometries, which does not allow for repeatability in the work, and the manual machine solution is the best bet. In this particular case, the order is for a company in the railway sector for parts to be assembled, such as cabinets for train cabins.

Francisco Linares demonstrating the operation of the manual deburring machine.

 The Q-Fin manual deburring machine is very easy to use and versatile: in addition to removing burrs with a flat brush, with different grits available, the head can be rotated to smooth the pass. Although Linares admits that "one of the complexities of the machine is that, as it is manual, it depends precisely on the skill and know-how of the operator, who must control the pressure to be applied to the part and leave it as required by the customer".


As Linares comments, "one of the complexities of the machine is that, as it is manual, it depends precisely on the skill and know-how of the operator, who must control the pressure to be applied to the part and leave it as required by the customer". In the image, the process carried out on one of the pieces.

This is not the first time that Recam Laser has placed its trust in Josep Muntal. The good relationship between the two companies goes back years, and they are not only a supplier of machinery but also of consumables and spare parts. Specifically for the new deburring machine, they will also provide technical service if necessary.

Currently, the Recam Laser group has among its machinery a Euromac punching machine, a Han's Laser fibre laser model HF 8kW and the new Q-Fin manual deburring machine, installed a few months ago and marketed by Josep Muntal.


Recam Làser facilities in Caldes de Montbui, Barcelona, where they work 3 shifts to cover 24 hours a day.

A machine designed for the economical processing of stainless steel, aluminium and steel.

TopGrinder is a manually operated deburring machine suitable for finishing sheet metal parts. With TopGrinder, Q-Fin offers the possibility to achieve high quality edge rounding with little effort by simply removing burrs and even polishing the surface to a high gloss finish.

Optionally, an orbital head can also be fitted to apply a non-directional finish to the product. The TopGrinder is ergonomically designed, robust and particularly safe thanks to the bi-manual control. This mobile deburring machine is equipped as standard with an adjustable speed and a vacuum system, so that the workpieces to be processed are held firmly on the table while working in complete safety. You can achieve great time savings compared to manual deburring, just because of the faster product clamping. The balanced arm allows you to adjust the deburring pressure to your liking, by means of the spring system, from floating to more pressure. The double grinding head is equipped with two holders, allowing you to quickly switch between internal and external deburring and edge rounding tools. You can mount all standard tools with an M14 fixture, on disc brushes delivered by Q-Fin for the various processes.

This machine has a working area of 1,280 x 780 mm (W x D). However, there is no maximum length for the workpieces because you can easily lower the side panels. The front panel that can flip over also allows you to work on wider products as well. This is the machine for safe deburring and edge rounding at an economical price.