The company Josep Muntal has delivered a 12 kW machine to the Badalona body shop.

Josma relies on Han's Laser cutting technolog

Interempresas: Esther Güell

Planchistería industrial Josma is a company founded in 1948, dedicated to the general subcontracting of sheet metal work, such as bending and cutting, with about 20 employees between technical office and workshop, which occupies about 1,200 square meters in Badalona. Equipped with a wide range of sheet metal working machines such as press brakes and laser cutting machines, its latest acquisition has been a Han's Laser machine model S.E G3015HF of 12 kW of power, supplied Josep Muntal, S.L.

With customers in sectors as diverse as construction, the manufacture of fire protection systems, metal carpentry, housings for medical equipment, for electronic groups, cabinets for the food sector, urban furniture and equipment for hotels, dental or optical chairs and even equipment for bending machines (such as cylinder casings, lids, etc.), and agricultural machinery, among others, Josma is a company that works with different types of sheet metal thicknesses. Josma is a company that works with different types of sheet metal thicknesses, so it required a machine that could cut 8 to 25 mm, thus covering its needs for cutting thick sheet metal, mainly stainless steel, aluminium and iron.

Jordi Esteban, technical workshop manager at Josma, in front of the new Han's Laser model S.E G3015HF of 12 kW of power, supplied by Josep Muntal, S.L.

This machine was a Han's Laser S.E G3015HF, which convinced them because of the quality-price ratio, and because it is equipped with European-made components, including both the software and the PLC and a 12,000-watt IPG generator. They were looking for 12 kW equipment and this model provides them with the necessary working capacity before machining or subsequent polishing, in cases where this is necessary, as Jordi Esteban, technical workshop manager at Josma, explains.

The diversification of the sectors they work for has allowed them to weather the storm and the crisis, both the one caused by the construction industry and the pandemic. Josma was one of the few 'fortunate' companies that, by working for essential sectors such as food and health, was able to maintain its activity even during critical times.

In terms of coverage, they serve the whole of Spain, although most of their clients are located in Catalonia due to proximity, and they also export part of their production. Josma also has a technical department to develop the bending programme adapted to customer demand, guaranteeing optimum production in the workshop.

The new laser cutting machine has been in operation at Josma's facility for six months now and they expect to get the most out of it once they have mastered the many options built into it.

The Han's Laser machine model S.E G3015HF has been in operation at Josma's facilities for six months now, although they are aware that they can still get more out of it. "It has many options that we have to get to know, we are sure that we only use 70% of its capacity", explains Jordi Esteban.

This equipment will be used to carry out tasks that until now were outsourced to third parties and that they want to deal with internally, controlling production and delivery times more.

Undoubtedly the increase in the price of raw materials, sheet metal in their case, added to the increase in energy costs, is a challenge for companies like Josma, which is why maximum control of production costs and delivery times - today everything is for yesterday - will give them greater flexibility and the possibility of adapting to the demands of their customers.

There is no shortage of customers, despite the necessary price increases that have an impact on the end customer and even the user. Josma admits that, for the moment, orders have not dropped and they hope that the new Han's Laser recently added to their machinery will allow them to deal with these and more orders in the future.

Josma occupies a 1,200 m² workshop and offices in Badalona, where it has a wide range of sheet metal working machines, including the new acquisition.