Installation of a WEBER Deburring Machine


The new installation of the WEBER deburring machine has been carried out in a town in the province of Girona, where our customer is located. It is a company dedicated to the manufacture, together with joints for pipes and pumps for fluids, as well as equipment, parts and accessories for the same sector.

Some of the parts, usually made of stainless and hardened steel, are first cut with a fibre laser machine, and then undergo a second deep-drawing process in a hydraulic press. When the pieces were introduced into the moulds, marks were produced on the walls of the matrixes, seriously damaging them, and causing premature wear due to the burrs that remained on the pieces once they had been cut.

After analysing the type of piece that caused the problem, the level of burrs that remained on the piece once it had been cut and the customer's specifications: Josep Muntal's sales team recommended, as the best option, a WEBER deburring machine model TTSC D P2 1100 to guarantee the elimination of all burrs, the rounding of all edges - both internal and external - and a uniform finish.

With the incorporation of the WEBER deburring machine into the production process, the main problem of burrs on the workpieces damaging the walls of the matrixes has been solved, thus avoiding the frequent regrinding of the moulds.

Advantages of the WEBER debriding machine

In addition to this, including a WEBER deburring machine in their daily work has brought several advantages.

  • Eliminate the long hours of manual deburring, avoiding this unpleasant task and being able to invest that time in other more productive and higher-level jobs.
  • Significantly reduce production and abrasive costs.

As for the installation, the Weber deburring machine was fully operational in two days. Josep Muntal's technical team installed it on the first day and trained the staff on the second.

The customer is "pleased" with his new acquisition. Now absolutely all the parts, previously cut by the laser machine, go through the deburring machine and we are very pleased to receive this feedback.

Thank you very much for trusting the Josep Muntal team and Weber products.

The satisfaction of our customers is our raison for being.