Installation of a Weber deburring machine

Installation of a Weber deburring machine


Our customer, Ekide, is a cutting-edge, technological company from Gipuzkoa, specialising in the design and manufacture of high added value assemblies by integrating components in multiple materials for various industrial sectors: rail, automotive, bus bodywork, electro-medicine and nautical. In addition, they are specialists in three business lines:

  • Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Control Tools
  • Artificial Vision

The new projects captured in the railway, automotive and electro-medical sectors involved a leap in quality in the finishing of the parts and, in particular, in the rounded finishes of the edges or corners - internal and external - of the parts. Most of these were made of aluminium up to 4 mm and, above all, in thin thicknesses of 1 to 2 mm, as well as iron and steel materials. This was a major challenge, with increased production costs and longer maturation times.

After studying the customer's needs, Josep Muntal's sales team recommended a Weber deburring machine, specifically the PT D R2 1100 Compact model with vacuum suction system. A model of deburring machine with a planetary system and special brushes with which a uniform finish is achieved on parts with thicknesses from 0.5 mm. and with the required radius (both internal and external) depending on the needs of the part.

Installation of a Weber deburring machine

In addition to the benefits of the new Weber deburring machine, the purchase decision was also based on the following factors:

  • The simplicity of use of the machine.
  • The confidence in Josep Muntal's technical team.
  • All the positive references regarding the manufacturer Weber.

Today, the customer has been able to significantly reduce costs, production times and add value to non-demanding work, as they no longer have to outsource the edge rounding work.

In addition, by incorporating the Weber deburring machine into the production process, they have been able to organise the workforce in a more flexible and efficient way without having to do without any staff. From having two or three workers for a specific task, they now have only one worker doing a much simpler and more pleasant job, and the rest have been able to be assigned to other parts of the production line that were left unattended.

It is worth noting that Josep Muntal's technical staff left the deburring machine fully assembled and installed in just 3 days, the last of them ending with the continuous production of the customer's parts.

Thank you very much for trusting Josep Muntal's team and Weber products 馃槉 The satisfaction of our customers is our raison of being.