Weber Solutions

For more than 100 years, this German company has developed and produced deburring technology to meet the highest demands of the global market, including technology for sheet metal machining. Their innovations contribute to the perfect use of the metal potential as a raw material.

The innovations carried out by Weber are a competitive advantage for companies that use their technology. Regardless of the requirements that designers and engineers need for the realization of their metal projects, Weber can satisfy special requirements. At the end of the machining process that is as precise as efficient, new possibilities of application are revealed.

Deburring procedures can be used for dry and wet deburring. For surface grinding and brushing, the WEBER product range includes a modular series for multiple grinding and brushing rollers. It is built with an operating width of up to 2 meters, an innovation made by Weber.

Any machine is only as good as the people who are involved in the manufacturing process. The secret to WEBER quality lies in the perfect interplay between technology and engineers. It spans from the development of the extruders to the lifetime service. All this would not be possible without the passion and the expert knowledge of the WEBER employees.