Remmert Solutions

More than 70 years of presence in the international market and more than 700 installations made endorse this German brand as a leader in its sector. Remmert has the solution for all types of storage and logistics systems for long pieces and metal sheets. For the storage of perfect material even in the narrowest spaces. For the fastest and most efficient storage and logistics processes.

Its objective is to achieve the highest degree of efficiency and high quality guaranteed by a 100% manufacturing in Germany under the constant supervision of its engineers and specialized technical personnel.

As experienced consultants, producers and suppliers, their family business, Remmert, has shaped the market for automatic storage systems for decades. They adapt each solution individually to their logistic processes, with the highest level of quality and service.

Based on an exhaustive analysis of the initial situation and the needs of each client, Remmert and Josep Muntal SL work together to achieve realistic goals in each project, a solution adapted to the efficiency of storage and manufacturing. System solutions have a long life thanks to modular designs that can easily be extended at any time.