Q-FIN Solutions

Q-Fin was created in 2012 by two Dutch manufacturers with 30 years of experience in the technique of grinding and deburring, and in a composite sheet and tubular construction in stainless steel, aluminium and steel. Furthermore, they deliver solutions for the extraction of grinding dust and all their deburring machines are developed in-house, and with solely A-components.

The company’s strategy focuses on the application of technical and practical knowledge within the organization to offer to the market innovative deburring machines and related. By building a superior product in terms of speed and options in the possibilities of finishing, together with the offer of a high-quality service, Q-Fin bet on the loyalty of its customers.

Due to the constant growth of the company, since June 2017 its headquarters are located in a new building equipped with all the necessary means to provide an optimal service and in which are 12 people working with an increasing knowledge about quality premises. A team that is constantly growing together with the company.