Josep Muntal has installed a Biegemaster Double Bending Machine XB paneling machine in the company “Miranda Folding and Covers”.

Josep Muntal is the official distributor in the peninsula of the German company Biegemaster, manufacturer of panelers specially designed for folding in long formats with lengths from 4 to 15 meters. Folded and Covered Miranda, located in Miranda de Ebro, under the direction of Mr. Idefonso Íñiguez has invested in this paneling machine that will allow them greater flexibility in their production, in the automatic folding of profiles, auctions, gutters and ridge.

In this specific case, the installed “Double Bending Machine” allows you to fold 8 meter long pieces, in addition to being very easy to program and intuitive thanks to the touch screen that it incorporates. Fully automatic function thanks to the clamping system and positive / negative folding, avoiding manipulation and manual rotation of the sheet.

Thanks to the trust placed in Josep Muntal, s.l. They gain in production, quality, precision, reliability and automatic handling.